In case of team conflicts, mediation in Zurich can be helpful

Especially in small companies and organizations, escalating conflicts can quickly endanger the common goal or business.


The desire to solve such conflicts through good communication and mediation between the parties is strong, since one wants to or has to continue working together. A good conflict resolution takes effect as quickly as possible and has the entire system in focus. It should take place in a framework in which it is possible to speak openly while at the same time everyone can save face.


A neutral third party can have a constructive effect on such a discussion, if only because of his or her presence. 


As mediator, Jakob Frauenfelder moderates the discussion. He makes sure that all parties involved have enough space to express their concerns and wishes. In mediation, the aim is to find a fair and just solution for all parties involved. As a lawyer, he knows the legal framework.


In acute and difficult situations, solutions are sought immediately. Mediation can offer a secure setting for the colleagues or business partners to talk to each other again. In the process of a mediation there is the possibility to try out options, without prejudicing. The costs of mediation can be lower than those of a court case.


Jakob Frauenfelder has many years of experience with court proceedings. He knows that in many cases it can be advantageous to avoid one. If you are looking for advice, I will discuss with you how I can help and which procedure might be suitable for your situation.


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