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(Karl Valentin)

Mediation is a process that trusts that the disputants themselves know the best solutions to their conflict.  The mediation process is designed to support them in (re)finding access to these. Mediators help to bring about clarification. They moderate and support all persons equally in bringing in their concerns. They see to it that even hidden essential points are addressed. Finally, they check together whether solutions can be implemented.


Mediation is intended to have an effect beyond the meetings. The parties involved should express their wishes and concerns within the protected setting of the sessions. The way in which the conflict is dealt with can bring about a change in the dynamics, making appropriate and also more rapid solutions possible. At the same time, mediation is not (couple) therapy. It is about finding solutions for a conflict situation and a concrete agreement about it. Finally, the mediator ensures that the agreement reached can be accepted by courts and authorities.


Mediation is a resource-saving procedure (money, time and psyche).  The disputants should be able to preserve their reputation. Sessions may well be heated. Mediation should also address levels of conflict that "don't matter" in a court case, so that an immobile constellation can change. Mediation is based on the assumption that solutions worked out in this way are better accepted than "top-down orders" issued by a court and are therefore more likely to prevent the conflict from flaring up again. If successful, lengthy (legal) disputes can be avoided.


In my everyday life as a lawyer, I repeatedly experience how judicial procedures turn out to be less than ideal for dealing with certain conflicts. Sometimes the only thing left to hope for is that the proceedings do not make the situation even worse than it already is. This can be observed in a wide variety of areas: in separations and divorces, especially when children are involved, in business disputes or conflicts in work teams, and ultimately also in criminal proceedings.


It is thought-provoking when the lack of understanding of one side towards the other intensifies during proceedings and positions harden, while often at the same time the deep needs of all parties involved are comprehensible and palpable. Strategic behavior is rewarded by the system, but often does not bring satisfaction.

Through my interest in non-violent communication according to Rosenberg, I came to mediation training at inmedio. Since January 2020, I have been working as a mediator at Couples Counseling and Mediation in the Canton of Zurich.


Does mediation fit your situation?  A non-binding telephone conversation serves to jointly clarify whether mediation can be useful. I am happy to hold mediations with a second mediator, optionally alone, in German or English, in our offices or online.